‘Real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain …

What is real, how do you define real? Well to take a note from Morpheus what is real is simply electrical signals inputed though our spinal cord to our brain where they are interpreted as the world around us. Now for most people something like the Matrix may seem like what it is meant to be science fiction. However, for those of us who know where the technology is headed virtual reality is a lot closer than most of us might think.

Just take for example this video I found recently from a friend of mine.

Interesting huh?

Well what if you could image a world in which all of these interlinking systems were working together cooperatively to a create a world before your eyes that was entirely invisible to the naked eye. Now were getting somewhere. Believe it or not technology like this is no longer just science fiction but is quickly becoming science fact.  Augmented Reality is coming and soon maybe in the near future will fundamentally change the information sharing landscape as we see it today even in its apparent zenith state.

Today people have at their finger tips availability to be able to share more information than ever before and yet all of it is seen through the portal of a screen, a projector, or a television. Well what if we could rid ourselves of the window and enter into the window instead? Behold Augmented Reality and all that it brings. It works by mapping out digital things and objects into the real world. At first when I heard about the concept from my professor B.C. Biermann I thought it was a little far fetched. Yet, now looking back at what he’s told me (he works in the industry) its almost as if he is a prophet foretelling the second coming of the computer age.

Here is his website –


Within a few years I wouldn’t be surprised if ads were gone entirely once more advanced type Google glass starts to hit the market and the popularity for them pick up as well. The will be so integrated into our world that we will forget what a computer screen is because the screen will become the world around us and we will be able to choose when we want it or not. Couple that with the fact that wireless  4G networks now allow so many to be connect to the internet and it will make the personal home computer disappear over night.

While I know this might be a few years off( maybe in the 15-20 year range) but things in the world are increasing rapidly in the pace at which they are happening . Empires rise and fall faster and computers double their computing power every two years under Moore’s Law.

Just remember this though when you look back at days when information came through a screen … there is no spoon.


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