A Journey into the Creative

You never know when someone will come out with something absolutely incredibly and be able to break the borders of what we define as beauty. Sometimes the medium is strange or the source material is unnatural which is why this new video I found is so interesting because it takes something that most people don’t ever really care about (except when they are trying to use Google streetview) and managed to turn it into art. As an artist myself I find this intriguing and yet inspiring because we as humans seem to have an inch for never ending creativity with what we can do with the simplest things.

Here’s the video


I picked up the timelapse from the creators project link I found on facebook. They are always posting new and interesting things. and yet the one thing I enjoy the most is that even something as simple as taking time lapse of the world around us is breathtaking and beautiful. Just an reminder to value the lives that we behold.


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