Function vs Aesthetic Rd. 2

So I was reading some more again and this time I was told about this little gem. Check it out here by Jo Ippen


Well talking about UI design as has been a recent pick up for me I want to continue on the issue of the formative and functional vs the aesthetic. Particularly when it comes to Jo Ippen’s article I got to reading I thought it was fascinating how he noticed the digression on the fundamental differences for Apple’s new IOS 7. Personally I feel as though the new IOS is much better at least in the sense of the design directionally everything is headed in the mobile world with flat design. It allows for a much more sensible approach to designing that Jo Ippen describes so beautifully though in his article.

However, with this minimalisation you sometimes end up with easy quick fix problems such as a light not changing to the right color or even a minimalized + sign that must be enlarged or rather a changed role. Not to mention the simple mistake of possibly moving or changing a color can make a huge difference or rather a change in hue from green to blue to do for the functionality of a design. This is partially why I’ve sided with the aesthetic in my case for design. If you make something to look good and that is its main focus first and fore hand people will maybe overlook small contrivances within the functionality.

However, if you rather make the purpose and role of the User Interface then to be functionality and the design doesn’t do so you will have issues such as these. After all who could ever put such a glaring mistake on a flat design IOS 7 emphasizing simplicity and ease of use by making your buttons in the wrong areas or the wrong color. Case in point why functionality can go terribly wrong if you mess up so everyone can notice that you messed up.


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