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Business Card (png file)

Business Card (png file) (Photo credit: docpop)

Here is my weekly gem that someone told me to read and check out. Here is the address

Another reading from searching around and another article to read by Gianluca Brugnoli on “Medium”. Its a fairly good article to read and had some good points about how nowadays UX designers tend to focus on the user experience and not enough on the back work and business side of whether this design will work. However, it got me a confused a few times because I wasn’t sure if he was addressing the fact that the creative process needs to be fixed or that the more formative and subjective side of selling their creative processes to other clients and businessmen. Finally, I figured out what he was saying though and in a sense I get the idea he is trying to convey. Its called doing your homework.

This is great advice and something that Gianluca really hit upon that is across the board probably something that needs more attention. Rather than designing for the sake of simply making a mobile side of the said business UX designers need to first understand the business or industry in which they are trying to enter. They must then create a strategy around that said business or industry they are marketing their services to. For example if they are making a user experience design around a banking company it should be applications that will allow said banking company to fully take advantage of serving members while on the go or helping with finances while away from a larger devices or a bank. That way the mobile device serves its purpose of helping the bank in a way that allows the designed experience to format itself into helping people with their banking problems. That way in case they can’t actually make it to the bank to cash a check or not they can use a mobile phone to do the job.

Chase recently came out with a mobile phone ability such as this and I think its genius. I came and solved a problem that many people have been having for a very long time due to time constraints and being busy. These ultimately are the types of designs that will fundamentally change the way we think of the digital age and also of the mobile world.


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