Thoughts on “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”

Mitty Poster

Mitty Poster (Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer)

SPOILER ALERT !!!! (If you haven’t seen them movie then this probably isn’t for you)

Anyways for my birthday I was able to see “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” courtesy of a benevolent benefactor. Going into them movie theater I had no idea what to think let alone what to expect. I knew what the general premise of the movie was. However, I had heard differing opinions on the movie and in any case I decided to do what I always do best when watching a movie that divides the lines, I shut out the rest and just tried to soberly assess it and watch it as a movie goer.

Now, for the most part I’d say this works most the time for me however, I can tell you that Walter Mitty is not only good … no its not just great … it is amazing. And I mean that in the truest form of Walter Mitty’s melancholic turn to the retelling of Thurber’s old short story. While those who enjoyed the original story or better yet Danny Kaye‘s version a bit you will be surprised and delighted to know that this story is nothing like it at all.

So one must ask, what is it I see in this movie that makes it so great if there are quite a few of dissenters amongst the film critic ranks against this movie.

Well I can tell you one thing I’ve never seen a movie that appreciates so greatly the little things in life or better yet a case of great melancholic humor and real authenticity I think many people, including myself, truly are hungry for in a movie. More than not I’m used to quick gags and the typical comedic fanfare over the top typical things I’d see in movies with Zach Galafinakis, Will Farrell, Steve Carell, Seth Rogan, and Jonah Hill. They while flashing in and instant can start a fire. But usually after a few minutes with the end of the movie they carry over into spuzzling fireworks and fizzle out. They’re hilarity is equally matched by the manner in which they are delivered: quick to the point and very quickly usually forgotten.

Walter Mitty is a different sort of breed of movie though one that doesn’t always come along. More than anything its about someone who realizes that they really are doing something with their lives that is amazing even if it is just in the background unnoticed and unappreciated all a great deal by a lot of people on the surface. Coming from the background that I enjoy working in the art world and in the Graphic Design business often the work of the creator or the middleman is unappreciated. Its forgotten under the wraps and lost in the fanfare of the final product. None more so true that in the painters, crafters, photographers, and film workers that float into my sphere of artistry on a numerous occasion. They’re silence and hard work to their passion speaks more to them than anything else and Walter Mitty pays homage to that.

The digitalization of Walter’s job in the movie is interesting as well as it directly (time wise) corresponds to the same discussions I’ve had over my field of Graphic Design as well. Back in the old days of yore it used to be that the job I’m looking to do someday took up several people. Now it can usually be fulfilled by only a couple or sometimes one person. Its creative destruction of the ever moving forward market and Walter Mitty touches upon this beautifully in more ways than one. But more than anything if I could say one thing about Walter Mitty that makes it special is that it sticks to the melancholic tone that is often forget just like Walter and just like its premise sometimes more isn’t always more … sometimes less is more and in Walter Mitty the story is told not necessarily by what is happening but what works its way out of the woodwork of what is untold and left out.

P.S. – On a last note if you have any time at all this Christmas go see this movie. Not that it will spawn a sequel or even better yet cash in a ton of money but because I believe in this movie and want to see more like it. Hollywood is always gun-shy about financing movie likes this that are amazing yet not necessarily for everyone because of their more serious and earnest tones and necessarily as attractive. If anything go to see the movie so you can look at some gorgeous landscape for a while.

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Piece of Art I made and DOTA 2 Economics.

final digital piece of the final project. Put a lot of time into this one over the weekend but it was worth it.

final digital piece of the final project. Put a lot of time into this one over the weekend but it was worth it.initial sketches of the final product.initial sketches of the final product.

Don’t have a full article this week however, I do have some work I finished and also a cool little article I read on videogame economy of a game like dota 2. Then I thought to myself … man I love the free economy. While it may not necessarily, “level the playing field,” as they say it definitely rewards good ideas and also helps out people more than say a monopoly or un-competitive market does.

Forwards or Backwards?

BioShock (series)

BioShock (series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a response to this article talking about Ken Levine

Its that time of year again when people start talking about violent videogames on the market once more. And in many ways like Quentin Tarantino Ken Levine, the creator of the Bioshock series, has stepped on sensitive toes when it comes to how much violence comes with the actual story.

Now for those of you who have never played Bioshock before look it up and read up on it or heck even play it the game is art at its finest. If you don’t want the hassle though the short version is that its the story of a city deep underwater in the Atlantic during the 1950’s – 1960’s. Its is a memorable groundbreaking game that is incredible in all aspects from gameplay to characters. However, one thing that the game is also known for is just how incredibly violent it can be. Violence that isn’t necessarily all the time or even could be said to be gratuitous but rather frightening or grim. People have often asked about videogames or even when telling a story is violence necessary. I would whole-heartedly agree by saying yes. Like Ken mentions and I am about to mention there is something about not showing the violence properly or not keeping true to the actual violence that could happen or would happen that takes someone out of the universe they are in. In order to properly sell a universe and its story and characters one has to truely keep continuity and one way of doing that is by keeping the violence in key.

Now don’t get me wrong I don’t in any way agree with violence. But as a story teller I realize that without real violence or a real physical manifestation of the philosophical conflicts within a book or story a tale can become stale or uninteresting. The lines and setting will become cheesy and it will fall into anonymity and uselessness. Like any good story you have tools at your disposal to tell a story and tell it in a compelling and interesting way so when you fail to use a tool it can hurt your attempts at creating a tale that is meaningful. Violence is one of those tools.

As for whether it affects the human psyche or even more-so makes someone more violent I disagree. Violent people are drawn to violent things … not the other way around. Besides, people have been killing each other for centuries before media or videogames or movies came into play. Its the same with guns as well. The methods may change but the psychological conflicts manifested into the physical realm remain the same.