The Lure of the Golden Sparrow

So I recently came upon this magnificent gem on Vimeo and I hope it absolutely blows up the place because it is such an amazing indie project that uses incredible amounts of roto-scoping and key framing in after effects which I can tell you is ridiculously time consuming and takes forever. I know its kinda long but I definitely want to talk about it because its mind blowing in more than one way.



Anyways in regards to the actual story of the golden sparrow I think it is incredibly powerful. That being because it is all about the corruption of affluence or of  money or of the promises of being able to get the golden sparrow. Because as the different artists of the city who are doing what they are doing for their various reasons, usually for family, are caught within the hypnotizing gaze of the sparrow they are eventually killed by her. That is because they lose they’re color or what makes them artists and thus they die. But each one of them is initially enchanted by the Golden Sparrow before they either fight back or run from her to no avail. But in each case they are all defeated by the sparrow because they choose to look at her and accept the idea that somehow they can have her the fame the fortune that she is or embodies.

Its is an interesting case once again in the art world the idea of corruption of ideas or loss of integrity for the ability to provide a better world for our children or posterity. But more importantly it captures the idea that other books like “The Fountainhead” are so lucid at portraying, a loss of self and worth in giving up those things. After all what use is a artist if he doesn’t help better the world and give it “color” in a sense.


Consumerate Artist



Today, I saw a place online called the “Purple Easel”. At first, naive as I was, I thought maybe I had chanced upon a place where art was procured, created, flourished, and nourished. Where mind and matter met and creativity was fostered. How foolish I can be under lack of guard of my own mind. Instead I was met by images of sordid consumerism and a trashing of Art itself.


If you want to see the place yourself you can check it out here  – 

Or here –


The funny thing about them is their statement even says on their facebook page –

“We guide you every stroke of the way! Come enjoy a glass of wine or your favorite brew and leave with a uniquely painted Masterpiece!” 

Well about as unique as everyone who says Miley Cyrus is unique or that something that is copied from something else is truly unique. What complete rubbish. Anyways back to the subject at hand.

In nice whitewashed walls and faces were those who like cattle were shackled to making the exact same image. Every last one of them was the same. I can only venture to guess how little creativity and imagination that the owners of that place have after all they didn’t even give them original still art to work with or even an idea or various concepts. Rather they would resort to controlling the mind and putting it in a box where we all know we feel every day of the week as the world tells us the box each of us must take before we are all put in boxes and laid to rest in a box shaped whole in the ground. I only ask why, why control the mind when it can be unleashed. What’s worse is people are actually paying to do this and at a price that could be had for simply by going to Michael’s getting some paint and picking up some scrap wood and painting it at your home by yourself, as original work as its own with none like it.

But there is a worse treachery than simple monetary funds going to a debauched cause. Rather it is the principle of paying for this that reveals the worse problem at hand. That is is not only a disservice to their money but at the same time it is a disservice to Art itself.  They come and smile and try to enjoy art. With their couples they are joyous and happy and they are making “ART”.

Its a sad day when consumerism has reached such incredible heights. Even able to reach the one thing I thought it couldn’t touch … the one thing I thought that would cure it. But art isn’t some manufactured device, some machination that can be mechanized. Even the joy and emotion that those people seemly hope to experience or associate with Art is a disservice to Art itself. Doing art as entertainment to bring excitement of such a low order.

Don’t get me wrong I love art but doing art to find joy is not Art. Rather art isn’t easy or Joyous it is a struggle of the utmost order. Nay it is the only manner in which great Art is made by the nature of struggle.  Art of course can be theraputic but not in the simple act of copying or of doing it simply for the sake of doing it. No, it is Art’s entire process that makes it special from an enigma in the mind to the paint on your canvas it is a whole. That is why “Purple Easel” pangs my mind and my conscience.

On a more personal note some of my best work that I have ever done was while I was in the throes of emotional agony and decided that I was going to continue to struggle. Art isn’t happy in the American sense but it is a melancholic joy and therapist for the heart and soul that unequivocally changes you once experienced. And I mean truly experienced.

Not this “Purple Easel”. Not this sad consumerist excuse for the joy, chosen joy, that comes with taking my brush dipping it in paint and stroking a surface to make an image where there was no image. An icon from what was only an icon in the mind.


Magic of Disney

Yesterday, was able to go to Disneyland with some friends which was absolutely amazing and being able to spend time with good friends that you have built up a repertoire with is always fun. After all you never know what is going to happen. However, as usually while Disneyland may be the happiest place on earth … it is also the most imaginative and so I began to think. But more importantly to realize just how much of my life has been affected by Disney movies. One area of the Park in particular that has always impressed me has been the Downtown Hollywood area and Paradise Park when the sun goes down. Both those places are simply amazing as a whole. Yet, when I went into the Animation Theater area of the park there was the massive large screens showing the development of the Disney movies and more so the music played to them. The last time I was there I had an incredibly emotional moment realizing what I really wanted to do with my life and my Artistic skills. However, this time around as I sat mesmerized with the screens I began to think about how much Disney has done to promote the idea of staying imaginative, dream, and be ambitious while also combating the idea of fatalism.


People always think of influences in their life that have made them push forward and even to do incredible things. However, deep in the subconscious of many people who have seen Disney movies and their various multi-media is this idea of “never say die”. Now, someone might say that “hey these themes are in every movie” and they would be partially right. But the fact of the matter is with Disney the difference is that here is a company that truly believes in Hope and even more so in the idea of being able to struggle for what is good. Sometimes movies don’t always capture that so well. They give us these picturesque sort of paintings that we can look at and somehow dream or feel about rather than stories that are truly moving because they are relatable or believable. And that is why Disney movies of the more recent day have very nearly fallen into meaninglessness and a total loss of direction. Yes, you heard me right. I’m talking to you Brother Bear, Princess and the Frog, and the movies that came after the Disney Renaissance.


Well one might ask why these movies just didn’t carry the same moving power or staying power and I would say this. They were rejected because they were neither relatable or believable. Well one might say how that is so? The answer lies in something that every human knows and that is the idea of emotions tied to certain human themes rejection, imprisonment, loss of love, sacrifice, and various other problems most people have had to deal with in real life. That is why Beauty and the Beast is amazing, why The Little Mermaid is amazing, and why the Hunchback of Notre Dame is amazing as well. They aren’t made for kids these movies I tell and its one of the main reason’s for Disney’s success is that they DON’T cater to kids. This may sound ludicrous but its the truth … Disney caters to humans instead. They cater to ideas that transcend and mature as you get older versus just a frolicking fun time that you see from Sony and Dreamworks. I can’t begin to explain how amazing it is to come back to Disney movies as a more mature adult and to see not only the technical expertise of the animation and the narrative depth and deep content that a huge number of their movies hold. If you feel down or better yet want to be inspired go watch a Disney movie because I guarantee it will make your day if you haven’t seen them in a while.


P.S. I didn’t even talk about how good them music was either.