The Lure of the Golden Sparrow

So I recently came upon this magnificent gem on Vimeo and I hope it absolutely blows up the place because it is such an amazing indie project that uses incredible amounts of roto-scoping and key framing in after effects which I can tell you is ridiculously time consuming and takes forever. I know its kinda long but I definitely want to talk about it because its mind blowing in more than one way.



Anyways in regards to the actual story of the golden sparrow I think it is incredibly powerful. That being because it is all about the corruption of affluence or of  money or of the promises of being able to get the golden sparrow. Because as the different artists of the city who are doing what they are doing for their various reasons, usually for family, are caught within the hypnotizing gaze of the sparrow they are eventually killed by her. That is because they lose they’re color or what makes them artists and thus they die. But each one of them is initially enchanted by the Golden Sparrow before they either fight back or run from her to no avail. But in each case they are all defeated by the sparrow because they choose to look at her and accept the idea that somehow they can have her the fame the fortune that she is or embodies.

Its is an interesting case once again in the art world the idea of corruption of ideas or loss of integrity for the ability to provide a better world for our children or posterity. But more importantly it captures the idea that other books like “The Fountainhead” are so lucid at portraying, a loss of self and worth in giving up those things. After all what use is a artist if he doesn’t help better the world and give it “color” in a sense.


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