Lunacy (Mini-Comic)

In my spare time I managed to cobble this together. Yes I know its old. Yes it looks like trash compared to most things. Yes it is in a pdf format but I couldn’t get in any other format without blowing a hole in either your computer or mine. Yes, it is weird very very weird … but I like it that way as a sort of pseudo surrealist abstract piece looking into the mind of the male psyche of the modern age and his relationships.

just click on this link to see it.

publish version

If you want more information read below otherwise YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED …



Ok so the deal behind this comic was that during the summer of 2013 I had a very strange dream during the middle of the summer. A very strange dream indeed and particularly a harrowing one that literally woke me from my sleep which rarely happens unless I watch the ring right before. Anyways, as goes this comic in a strange sort of way is an expanded upon version of my dream that I had. So what better way to turn this into something great than to make a freaking comic out of it right? So right after I had the dream I grabbed my trusty notepad and quickly jotted down as much as I could possibly remember. This is important because I was able to remember details that normally you wouldn’t be able to get like what people were wearing. What the scenery looked and felt like along with time of day and lighting and other little details and also the general story of the dream. After thinking about the story I thought it might be good to expand upon it a bit and so I did with what little dream knowledge I did and eventually this turned out.

Yes, I am a weird guy that dreams weird dreams. But I feel like there is something deeper worth pulling out of some of these things and as such that is why I am giving it to you for free and to see what you can extrapolate from it.

ENJOY but please don’t abuse …


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