Recent Work

  1. Spring Clothing Catalog
    So for school I had to make a sort of Anthropologie Catalog ( I chose Urban Outfitters)

    Here it is.

    Anthropologie Final(Brogan W)

  2. Justice School
    I was also working on a non-profit design off. Here are a couple of mine that were for a NGO that works towards preventing sex trafficking.

    Justice School Finals

  3. Bruce Mau
    I did a mini piece of work on Bruce Mau’s 43 points on creativity. I enjoyed it a lot and it was a ton of fun to accomplish.

    An Incomplete Manifesto

  4. Scipio Africanus Book Cover
    On thing that always annoys me is horrible book covers. So I did a recovering of a book on one of my favorite generals.


  5. The Stygian Knight
    Recently I’ve taken a liking to trying to write narratives, particularly ones that catch my fancy in the creative department of having to come up with characters, dialogues, and the visual aspect of the whole. This one particular story revolves around the crew of a hovercraft battle ship called the Stygian Knight. As the tale progresses the factions tensions grow ever larger and the aspects of the traveling not only physically but in a parallel fashion makes for an interesting story. Here is an illustrated picture of the ship.


  6. Red or “The Affection of Heaven”
    Recently I managed to beat a awesome game called transistor and as a tribute I decided to make a painting to commemorate the vision that I had of the game and how great the story was. While I was working on the painting it dawned on me that I also had a script that I had been working on called “The Affection of Heaven” which was an incredibly fun piece to write. However, it carried some visual similarities and also an awesome usage of a particular painting by the namesake of the short film so I combined the two and made this. Sorry the picture is bad I’ll take a better one when it is entirely finished.

    Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.56.13 AM

Anyways these are all the things that I’ve been working on recently that I can publicly release. There are some others but I want to get some more work into them before I relay them to the world.

– BW


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