What you see Isn’t always what you get (But it’s close)

Recently I had the pleasure of being able to discuss the WYSIWYG editor in many a website thrown up by blogospheres such as Tumblr or WordPress. There are many drawbacks and inconsistencies along with a innumerable lies even in it’s name itself. However, for all of it’s drawbacks the attitude of the style of editor is very much of a robust state and is a perfect editor for the oncoming of the age of the digital renaissance. While I’m more of a fan of teaching people the deeper aspects of computer technology, and feel as though kids should be more properly schooled in the information, I also believe that it is a nice to be able to have something to bridge that day when it comes. After all much of the world had to adjust to the car, telephone, television, and electricity when it was invented and similarly I believe that as a result one simply can’t wade deep immediately into the pool of modern technology. Rather instead it is better to have yourself sprinkled before you are entirely doused in it’s infinite pool of knowledge.

That is where the “What You See” editor is great at being able to do amongst a largely tech illiterate population and allowing for a greater interface between the heavy tech understander and engineer and the common man. After all if were all still stuck in the stone age of technology the ability to get information from someone very literate at writing, and conveying ideas through words, would suffer at the thought of having to use direct HTML to get their points across along with possibly using countless other coding languages that when added up would create a barrier. As is the case with many of the new interfaces developed today the new choices in designs have not been to make the interface easier for the engineer but to rather make the distance between the common man and the powerful device much more abated. One needs only observe the new smart-phones, head interfacing tech, and the ever more approaching mobile wearable to know this to be true. In the ever fast paced world of taking the technical to the common ease of use trumps all.


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