Pieces of the Puzzle

Recently I had the pleasure of reading through The Elements of Content Strategy by Erin Kissane and I can’t tell you how interesting the second chapter of the book was. In summary most of the chapter discusses the various roles that each person has in regards to making great content strategy. The Editor, the Curator, the Marketer, and of course the Scientist. But what is more interesting is Kissane’s use of the various forms of rhetoric or appeal in order to relay the use of the Marketer. While I think this is rather interesting promotion I think she missed a fundamental key in regards to the use of rhetoric to the roles. One could easily for example, explain how the three forms of rhetoric of logos, ethos, and pathos don’t simply apply to the Marketer but also to everyone as a whole. Put into action would could put it this way.

  • Logos – The Scientist – He uses information as his means of better understanding how to generate his proper internet content. His strategies are always tactful and continually based in ration and reason. But more importantly his tools are relegated to data and information and the proper usage of them.
  • Ethos – The Marketer – He is the quintessential user of proper respected nomenclature to garner interest. The person always selling something and yet doing it with clear respect and at the same time using proper ethical standards to make you want to buy their toaster ovens because they’ve been in the business now for over 50 years. But more importantly they are stringently based on making sure that people get their content because they don’t deal with hard logic or whimsical emotion but tried, tested, and true tactics.
  • Pathos – The Curator – The person with the highest emotional quotient (EQ) in the room and just knows how to feel they’re way around things. They have amazing taste in nearly everything and when it comes to content management they can see between the lines to really get to what people at the heart of things want. When they’re visions are properly displayed and relayed to the audiences that they know they are nearly unstoppable.

    Of course the only one that I didn’t mention was the Editor. Why is he removed you might ask? Well in all reality he is a combination of the three. Mastering the waters of each and combining them either to make a Frankenstein or the next star wars. His roles are less clearly defined and for each of these roles as is fitting they both find several roads to Rome. Each approaches the zenith or apex of content management from a different angle and as a such it is quite interesting that they each can succeed in they’re various markets if done correctly. For example data information of the scientist is how google runs with it’s analytics. One would need to trust Budweisser’s commercials and not their taste in order to buy their beers. And last but not least the emotional pulling of those “please don’t harm animals” or humane society ads which are clearly pathos generated. But in each of these cases the ones that are the most effective are the ones that make good use of each combined into a great way.


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