Review of Exodus: God’s and Kings

So just saw Exodus: God’s and King’s and I gotta say I totally understand where the complaints come from and that fact that they change quite a lot of stuff and I get that. However, the main things that let me down were actually some of the acting and the story itself how it was done. It felt at certain points like I was watching the Hebrew version of Robin Hood. Now I know Ridley Scott is a penchant for mixing genre’s occasionally but this one didn’t work. Not to mention there were other aspects of the film that didn’t work. The Beginning is much better as far as halves go and while the plagues looked great the problem that seemed to arise as a whole was the movie didn’t seem to have a heart. It wasn’t till closer to the end that you began to have a much more intrinsically meaningful story particularly when Bale (Moses) gives his speech at the Red Sea which was simply great as he’s leading the people.

What was incredibly good though about the movie was the costumes. Reminded me a lot of when I saw the costumes in “True Grit” just absolutely supurb and when combined with the great CGI and set dressing it’s what makes the movie totally worthwhile. Particularly speaking Moses’ sword and Zipporah’s wedding dress blew my mind in this case along with several others that Pharoh wore. It was rather funny because while Bale is a fairly exceptional actor I was rather surprised by Maria Valverde and the on screen chemistry they had was good albeit short. That was one area in which diverging from the Biblical story didn’t seem to enhance the tale at all due to the shortness of necessary characters to the plot. Ohh and that was the moment in the movie where having non-ethnic actors really broke the movie down. Up until then it had been American and British actors but as soon as Maria Valverde came in and she “looked” like she was from the region it immediately started to make the movies’ acting seem out of place. So word to the wise, either have it entirely one way or the other. Don’t pick British and American actors and then throw in actors who actually look like they’re from the region because it will make a muddied mess. (Similar to CGI and real camera shots.)


exodus-totalfilm-dec5 exodus-badtaste-1-1024x681 exodus-ramses-costume

The scientific explanation for the plagues also was another interesting take which made sense and was a change that was good. Another nice thing to see was that initially Moses doesn’t trust God and that is something that I think many people understand. However, like any relationship as the movie progresses we see his faith grow as God proves and comes through for him more and more.

Still in a genre and specific story that has been fraught with redo’s and makeover’s from animated musicals to classical epics it’s hard to put this piece into something that would be considered good even though it’s probably better than half the movies out there only due to familiarity with the subject matter, differences with the subject matter, and also of course the fact that the movie feels slightly half-hearted and uninspiring in some areas.

Score 6.5/10


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