Review: Ex Machina

So in the next couple of weeks I’m gonna be trying to get out a slew of published work in regards to reviews. Primarily I focus on videogame and movie reviews but these upcoming reviews will be all movies so sit back relax and I hope you enjoy the read.

So ex machina or “from the machine” as it is known in latin I believe. The name may be a little ancient but this movie is nothing but incredibly ahead of the curve and exceptionally well written and directed. Many movies nowadays don’t take time to develop but this movie is in the complete opposite direction. It lets it’s shots percolate so to speak and allow them to sink in. The dialogue is incredible and the acting and script mesh so well you’d think that the movie was something that was real. But see just like the actual Turing test the movie itself is a test on the audience to see if you catch if this is real or not.

I find it fascinating that the more I think of this movie the more nuggets and beautiful portrayals of decisions and illusion and control are all wonderfully crafted so to make you really believe that AVA is real. Everything from the way that they meld the special effects down to the actor’s speech and her interaction and wit all point to something that we can tell is slightly offputting. A machine so to speak. However, everything else in them movie is trying to convince you that this entire scenario is real and for the most part I would say this movie is a true and successful Turing test. I won’t give away any spoils or steal any delight that you might have at watching it in the future but do know this there aren’t any surprises as a AI junkie that I didn’t see coming but rather the portrayals and realistic attitude it takes toward Artificial Intelligence.

That is ultimately the real kicker in the movie in regards to the build up and even more so the dialogue and actions and foreplay and beguilement. It doesn’t try to say that AI is good or that AI is bad but rather simply that AI is something else entirely and that we have to understand that. I did like the allusions to Jackson Pollock however, and especially the discussions in the movie in the question answer format. However, the most interesting aspect was the discussion of building a machine that could do minutia or systems that do nothing like blinking or even walking. That comes into play with many discussions that I have of AI in the sense that we currently have AI that can do extraordinary tasks but can we get it to recognize facial expressions or even simple things that we think anyone could do such as recognizing how to tell a joke or microexpressions?

The movie does make fun of much of the data pulling and usage however with Bluebook being the major company in the film like google.

Go see it though if you are interested in the topic. Just be ready to ask questions and read up on AI beforehand.

Score: 8.5/10


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