Review: Boyhood

So as I said earlier yesterday I was gonna do a slew of movie reviews and next up on my list is Boyhood otherwise known as the movie which is so boring you might call it a documentary … IF you are a regular movie goer.

That’s the fact that runs over a majority of the movie. It’s less avengers and more Americana and Forrest Gump but on steroids. In fact in many ways that is the refreshing aspect of the movie and yet also it’s biggest downfall both being it’s stringent unwavering story tied to reality and also the length which can seem tedious at times.

However, it is these same attributes which augment and provide great understanding to the film and also to the life of our characters which films the actual actors as they aged. That’s probably what is the most impressive aspect of the film in regards to the fact that the actors age with the film which has never truly been done before. But while it is nice the first time around I understand the complaints many had that the novelty wears off quickly and by the end of the movie it doesn’t all seem that apparent they are aging except for the mom and the two children.

Still, if you’re a regular movie goer and not someone into the nuances and subtleties of movies then this movie might not be for you. But what also hurts the movie is yet what strengthens it in its niche marketplace and to whom it is appealing to. It is made for people my age specifically speaking who are either graduating or entering college in the near future or who mainly experienced HS from 2010 to 2014. You might even go further that it’s mostly geared towards boys too which coincidentally also is in the title as well. For example the references to Knights of the Old Republic and the name calling by older boys to get younder dudes to do something or in many cases the constant shifting and moving or the Church experience nearly everyone has. Even the changing of the styles of music is fairly nuanced and I enjoyed that quite a bit as a nostalgic look back.

However, for most people who say the movie is boring you have to understand. The movie isn’t showing life as we want it to be but rather how it truly is and as a result we end up with a rather boring movie as most American’s lives are boring by a large degree. Trust me on this one if they did a life about me and my friends living in the Philippines it might look something akin to Super 8 which I think most older parents had when they were kids. But most kids nowadays in the U.S. are extremely insulated and as a results they don’t experience that same degree of livelihood and adventure many previous generations had with a deregulated world so to speak.

At the heart of the message of the movie is one that is about how meaningless life is and that is something I laud the movie for. It’s actually honest enough to put away the fanfare and put away the fireworks and the CGI and just tell you this is honestly how most of life is. Its a very Sisyphean tale and in that regard I respect the movie quite a bit. It may not give answers but it heads you in the right direction if your paying attention with your questions.

I’d love to give this movie a much higher score and I do understand for everyone it will be a divisive movie. But most likely this movie will be getting a score from myself that is decent if not slightly below par because it’s not for everyone.

Score: 8/10 for me 7/10 for regulars.


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