Review : Mad Max – Fury Road

Well it is official … any action movie that comes out this summer or the rest of the year is going to have a hard time competing in any regard against this movie.

I mean from the get go this movie straight up goes and punches you straight in the face literally with Max eating a two headed lizard.

That is the sort of movie were talking about … just pure and utter crazy but in very large part the good kind of crazy (Like the doof warrior). But I guess that’s what makes this movie so good especially in the current climate of movies that make up so much of what comes to theaters these days in the action genre being dumber or sacrificing of they’re craziness in order to draw larger crowds.

But not for Mad Max no this movie knows it going to punch you straight in the face and it wants you to know that. So just when you think a car chase couldn’t get any crazier they decide to add in a freaking Sand/Cyclone/Lightning Storm just to even bedazzle you more as example. All of it culminated in largely real physical effects as much as was possible.

There are a lot of shots that were done using almost entirely practical effects which are doused throughout the movie. When applied properly this makes the special effects stand out terrifically against the backdrop of the stark brown desert and other CGI drenched action fest movies.

All of it done while still keeping in making the movie look absolutely beautiful which is a very difficult thing to do. Often times with movies it’s a question of whether you can have truly dramatic action or flair or whether you want to to be artistic, picturesque, and look beautiful. When a movie does both of these things it deserves a nod for being able to achieve a balance of sorts and wield its visual storytelling to not only make the high tension actions piece scenes enthralling but make the quiet, tender, and slower paced moments good to watch as well.

Mad Max does this wonderfully with graceful precision with balanced Action scenes and a story that seems to keep your attention at all moments even when it seems not much is happening. Everything from an exploding car to even using similar bags to carry bullets and seeds all tell a visual story worth getting deep into and makes it worth a second watch.

These deeper underlying tones of Innocence, Loss of Innocence, Fertility and Life, and the Old World of the savages versus the new world looking for civility away from carnage are beautifully but carefully placed by George Miller within this movie. For example, one line in the movie is made that bullets were like seeds and how they plant a seed and watch a person die. Meanwhile later in the movie a similar bag that they used to carry bullets its used to carry plant seeds in the movie. Coincidence? Nothing is coincidence in movies people. Or the use of darkness to portray that Furiosa and Max are a darker breed of people while the Wives are carrying with them light in the night. It all is amazing and something you should watch for in the movie which gives it a deeper context within its own world.

There are so many good things to talk about with this movie in so many aspects such as the music, the acting being subtle but brilliant, and the color grading which tones the movie to another degree. I could write for a while about this movie but at the end of the day I’d rather you go see it just so you can say you saw a masterpiece of cinema. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Final Verdict – 9.3/10