Designing in Four Dimensions

So recently I got into a really interesting conversation over creativity.

I was talking to a co-worker about the fact that I knew Cinema 4D and he joked that he thought it was funny that it was called Cinema 4D considering that you can’t actually design in four dimensional space. We laughed.

However, we did so prematurely because in that moment I realized something. Continuing to banter back and forth with him I said that you’d have to design within both “time” and “space” and that was when it hit me. I realized that there was a group of people that already designed in four dimensions … narrative storytellers.

Whether this was a script writer or a screenwriter or a motion graphics artist or a animator. Heck even just a writer straight up, in the realm of creating narratives and stories, is designing in four dimensions.

How is this? Well if you are designing in 2D it is a flat plane. If you are designing in three dimensions you are taking into account the physical form or shape of something. If you are designing in four dimensions you are taking into account all the rest PLUS time and in that regard you are then being forced to create story or action. This is due to the fact that you can enter into or place people exactly where you’d want them which in many ways is pseudo similar to someone who lived within the 5th dimension and was freely able to travel within the 4th dimension like we do in the 3rd dimension. See we are bound within 4 dimensions and as a result we can travel freely within the 3rd dimension of space with some limitations. Yet, none of us can time travel and as a result we are bound within our fourth dimension at least in our physical forms.

That is why it is so important to know the elements of time when working in four dimensions. Designing someone to feel tense or fear under a story narrative that is horrific or building up emotion to have it cathartically released that is all meant or used in the designing or “building” of things in a fourth dimensions.

But what is most interesting I find is that this art of creating great narrative is not only beholden to all of humanity but is its prize possession. No other creatures on this planet carry this artifact of imbuing purpose and meaning to something which technically does not even exist.

I guess it’s only further proof that we are made in the image of God. That we don’t just create things but that we can create them with a purpose and that alone makes all the difference in the world. Crafting not only physical dimension but also the actions and the steps and paths that the physical might take. This is the role of the visualizer, the dreamer, the rogue soul who wanderers into the initial void which is our storytelling.

To build not only in the depth of touch or our own senses but also in the senses of time and of action. To design rote emotion indeed is a challenge of the most difficult calibre.


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