Back in Action

After taking a bit of a haitus from writing on my blog for a bit I thought I’d start up with a cool come back to form with a blog of two COOL websites I found today.

Now naturally as someone who likes Cinema 4D I love entrance and credit sequences and when I see well done ones in films I have a good kick. Needless to say I was quite glad when I found out about this website.

Basically it is a compilation and breakdown of various opening motion graphics and title sequences from films past and recent. It’s fairly awesome and as someone who is a bit of a pacing nerd I love this sight mostly though for the in depth information. For a good deal of these the actual people who made them are interviewed and they give creative insights and information into the underworkings of the pieces.

Seriously just go and read a few and you’ll be amazing just how deep something like and opening sequence can be.

Now another sight that’s probably a little more function (especially if you are a webdesigner) was this github space for Font Awesome.

Font Awesome is a web based packet language that when combined with your regular web pages can give you access to high quality but low space eating widgets and icons for your webpages. Usually in the past when I’d want to do this I’d go to Noun Project. Find the appropriate icons and then make sure that they were the right sizing and were configured properly as PNG’s. However, this works being based off svg’s and being vector based it is an even smaller size and easier to use. When combined properly it works seamlessly into your code, with multiple sizing possibilities, making on the fly changes to icon buttons easier than ever before.

Anyways go ahead and check em and and let me know what you think.

I’m hoping to post my review for Babadook sometime within this week so check back later.

– BW


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