This is a documented history of my luck or I guess being a Christian the benevolence of God so take it as you will but for some reason me and my friends win stuff.

(NOTE: If anything is missing from this list please post and let me know so I can update it. LOOKING at you Nook Cottage bros.)

So something hilarious happened on Saturday at the recent InstaMeet Drive … I won again albeit I wasn’t even there.

Here’s the gist of what happened. I was hungry because I hadn’t eaten dinner yet. So I left for about 15 – 25 min to get chow at Wendy’s and when I came back Jonathan Bidwell told me I’d won something or some swag. Glasses to be precise. So this got me thinking that maybe I should document everything that I have ever won … plus a couple of friend’s winnings as well. (After all were pretty lucky). Some I won by entering a competition others by simply being present and participating.

Clippers Tickets                  2012                  IntraMural Basketball Championships

Movie Tickets                      2012                  IntraMural Volleyball Championships

Beats Headphones             2012                  Midnight Madness Secret Santa

Gift Card (Substantial)        2012                  School CLA Test

In-n-out Giftcard                 2013                   U.P. Men’s Barbeque

Triton Headphones            2013                   Gaming Salon Raffle

CBU Cruiser Bike              2014                   Provider Student Workers T-Shirt Design Contest

Movie Tickets                    2014                   IntraMural Volleyball Championships

HackPoly T-Shirt/Swag     2015                   Cal Poly Pomona Hackathon 2015 – “Best Design”/”Design Off”

Pair of Thieves Socks/T’s 2015                    Manhattan Beach InstaMeet

Tens Sunglasses              2015                    Corona Restoration Roasters InstaMeet


(For the record I just want to say I was ONE digit away from winning a ULTRABOOK Laptop at Blizzcon so that was a rare “so-close” moment for me. The last digit was a 7  … I had a 6.)


By My Friends

Kindle Fire (Christian Hassler)                         2012                    IntraMural Volleyball Championships

50″ Flatscreen HDTV (Jon Cox)                      2013                    IntraMural Basketball Championships

Nike Fuel Band (Mitchell Sweetman)              2014                    IntraMural Volleyball Championships


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