Captain America: Civil War – Review

So finally after some time I’ve mustered up the effort to talk about a tragic past time of America. The Civil War.

Quick spoilers I HAD NO clue that the North was going to win. I mean Lee was cutting down blue coats left and right and then out of nowhere Sherman showed up and started burning everything down to the ground. It was crazy.

Just Kidding

Alright so in all seriousness though I really enjoyed this movie and all of it’s habitats. However, part of me felt as though this could have been Marvel’s coup-de-grace so to speak. It had all the hallmarks of the previous movies and did attempt to take it to a different place. For a change Marvel tried to elevate it’s typical fanfare of movie to another level.

Yet, also it misses out on a lot of opportunities and in many cases, for fans of the original “Civil War” comic, it really dropped the ball and in other areas flat out failed.

It’s rightly deserved of it’s praise … however, it’s praise is still too heavily warranted. THIS is a Marvel movie in a string of Marvel movies and as such should be taken to a higher standard or at least attempt to push the envelope a little further than it had in the past simply for the fact that … we’ve been here done that before … been here … done that before sort of thing.

So lets go over the aspects of the film though.

Production wise this movie was alright. I’m still not super impressed with the lighting by the Russo Brothers. I mean It’s almost as if they’re trying to get the award for “worst lighting with a movie budget over 200 Million dollars” or something. Just generally overall bad. Nearing the end of the film it does recover though and because of that it allows the movie to shine through at least in some minor aspects. The explosions set pieces are nice and I’d say even some of the action scenes are well choreographed. However, as a whole some of it felt a little cheesy and rushed.

Action wise this is where the problem I feel start to promulgate. I’ve never been a huge fan of the choppy action sequences shooting and here it really makes the movie seem like it’s more of the same. If you were expecting some well choreographed fight scenes think again. They felt forced at times and just in general were a little lousy compared to winter soldier. However, once the super fighting starts between the super pals things get a lot better … specifically more towards the end of the film and from the airport scene onward …. which for all intents and purposes it’s pretty dang awesome. However, It also as most Marvel movies go, feels too brisk. Marvel needs to go back into these films and add some more slo-mo or chances for the action to have a sort of rhythm or balance action wise that seems missing. There was too much dialogue and too little real interesting fighting.

Acting within these films at this point almost seems easy for most the cast. They know their characters and people know them. They know what they will and will not do. Which is why while some of the characters’ choices felt incredibly out of character for what’s been built up within the Marvel Universe … it was passable considering that for the most part it was exceptionally well acted. For example some characters like Tony and Vision while acted well felt as though their actions did not fit with what had previously been exhibited.

Where the movie as a whole I think really falls apart is rather within the story. It’s way too over the top in some areas and in other parts far too cliched, disconnected, or just generally breaks it’s own rules that Marvel has built up. For example, the person most behind the Sokovia Accord’s is, you guessed it … Tony, the guy who gave the middle finger to the government over his entire life mostly. Not to mention he also seemingly grows a conscience when he typically has exhibited little to none throughout the Marvel Universe. That I find is suspect. The person who complains about Collateral the most, Vision, does some of the worst collateral damage throughout the movie. It leaves you with feeling as though the film has wonderful pieces all there but the pieces don’t interlock well. Take for example the fact that most of the film it is a movie primarily about whether to trust the Avengers (who have been shown to be apt) or to trust the government (which was secretly hydra at one point). That to me seems like a no brainer and it’s nice that this movie is still Cap centric story since Chris Evan is still the best actor of the bunch. However, when the movie then divulges into a “lets save bucky” movie it quickly begins to lose it’s spark and as a whole starts to see it’s seams peak out narrative wise.

Don’t get me wrong, there are no “glaring holes” in this film. But there isn’t whole lot to be jumping up and down for either. Spoilers aside I’ll definitely say that as a whole this film really missed out on some key pieces that I wish had been incorporated from the comics. The fact alone that some major points are different is something I think that really lowers it’s score in my opinion.

Not to mention fear of sounding Christianize. This movie had one quote within it about “planting yourself like a tree” which when given sounds great within the film. However, it’s missing the second half from the comic which is “by the river of truth”. Sounds a little odd right or maybe Christian right? That’s because it is … specifically speaking from Jeremiah 17:8 which says, “Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD And whose trust is the LORD. 8“For he will be like a treeplanted by the water, That extends its roots by a stream And will not fear when the heat comes; But its leaves will be green, And it will not be anxious in a yearof drought Nor cease to yield fruit. 9“The heart is more deceitful than all else And is desperately sick; Who can understand it?”

Incredible how this connects to the original comic and to Captain America. However, the Russo Brothers instead opt to give us a “watered down” version of the story to us and completely loses the point of the narrative and the quote. In all honesty I view it as them not wanting to sound too “Christian” and as a result that severely angered me that they didn’t have the moxy to be willing to actually quote the original comic when given the chance.

The movie is good and if you’ve enjoyed previous Marvel things it’s going to be more of the same and still probably good for the most part.

Whether that’s what you want or not is up to you but I’ll let you decide.

As a whole though this movie is a solid …

7.5 – 7.8 / 10