Suicide Squad – Review

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In the weeks leading up to the release of this film there was significantly more ads and significant marketing materials put forward to the public. And I mean across the board the build up was strong. You had social media going bazzonkers with the hashtags, the mini brightly colored trailers, and of course the plethora of music videos of tied in soundtrack originals. Rightly so this movie deserves the $135 million dollars it made opening weekend because whoever orchestrated the marketing campaign for this movie was a genius. It’s one of the rare cases where (besides star wars) the marketing almost sells the movie itself and in many ways that may have led people to over hype this film.

I’m not gonna lie if you jumped on the hype train for this film about the SUICIDE SQUAD then I’m gonna have to bring you back down to earth on expectations no doubt. However, that’s a good thing because you gotta have realistic expectations for this film.

I knew before it was released that most likely it would be a more character introspective piece looking at the other side of the equation of crime when someone “fought the law and the law won” so to speak. That’s David Ayers for you people and if you know his previous movies that’s sort of how they play out as well (Fury, Training Day). This movie is primarily well built character driven drama and exposition with some peppered in action sequences. However, in many ways that helps it and in other ways it hurts it as some of the action sequences could have been worked out a little better (although that might be just because I’m always thinking of how to make action sequences or just make existing ones better in my head).

Still the movie is a worthy addition to the DC film slate and definitely something you’ll want to see if you are interesting in that particular slate of films. It’s built for comic book fans as stated by Angry Joe and it’s got a heck of a lot of really hilarious dialogue to go with it too. So just would like to make that clear before you read any further.

So lets go into the breakdown.

Production wise this movie again has it in spades for the most part. As I think I’ve stated before previously I don’t ever give negative scores to films which production value wise are well done. For the most part this film fulfills that “well done” category. The sets are all incredibly well dressed especially in their destroyed manner which helps build up that this is an enemy that the Suicide Squad aren’t really “supposed” to handle this particular situation. That said true to the “character focus” this movie has some superb costumes across the board especially the Joker’s various different “gangsta” outfits that show up which are quite awesome. A lot of the lighting on different scenes is set up well especially the scenes in which the different characters are introduced which features a few flash backs and build ups. As an motion graphics dude I especially love the different graphics used to overlay ontop of their character bios. All of those are super colorful and over the top which builds the movie well. One scene with the Joker and Harley is particularly interesting (hint it includes vats). However, one area the production value absolutely hits it is in the different uses of the music at different scenes. Standin in the rain, Gangsta, You don’t own me, Dirty Deeds, and of course Heathens all are awesome songs matched well. Some don’t hit well but otherwise the added songs work well. (Side-note: I didn’t enjoy enchantresses reformed version … just weird and with the voice but that’s more preference.)

Where the movie REALLY fails sound wise is in the atrocious Ian Price soundtrack. I don’t think I’ve ever seen as bad a soundtrack from this guy yet and man does it really fail until the 3rd act of the film. It mixes fake violins with other digital sounds which really irked me. (NOTE to studios if you are gonna use orchestral music AT LEAST make it using an actual orchestra).

Action wise it’s not SUPER heavy on action but when it is on screen it’s pretty good. I think my expectations of action in movies have been ruined since I saw Mad Max and Man of Steel however, there are only a few cases when it gets a little weird. Specifically speaking the first section of the finale felt a little weird. It had the classic case of CGI thing fights other CGI thing but not necessarily super well done. However, it only lasted for a little while until we got to the raining fight scene which was pretty well done overall so you don’t wince for too long. However, I feel it could have maybe used 1 more fight scene just to flesh things out a little more.

Acting is where this movie really shines though and man can these people act. At this point I think it’s beginning to show for the 2 universes (Marvel and DC) that Marvel and DC take different approaches to their actors however, in this case it pays off for DC with using well known additions. Robbie’s Harley is well fleshed out and has some of the best scenes in the movie. She has good chemistry with Deadshot and Joker and it’s nice seeing a character that I used to only watch on TV in animated form come to life finally. Another main focus of the film and huge standout is Will Smith’s deadshot. His deadpan delivery is pretty great along with some of his hilarious lines regarding Phil Jackson. Viola Davis as Waller is also good and Croc acts as a nice comedic breaker in scenes with great one liners. In fact this movie even managed to make me enjoy Jai Courtney. Incredible. However, if there was one character I really didn’t care about it was Karen’s character Katana who had what I felt was forced exposition and then of course really weird scenes that I felt just didn’t need to be there.

However, where this movie really takes a dip is with it’s structure and it’s story which for all intents and purposes are rather bland. I mean then again most stories are all pretty much the same so it wasn’t surprising that this film featured a generalized story-line. However, it could have been edited and put together in a far more interesting way. If you are going to throw out a villain that’s a throwaway villain then don’t put a lot of extra time into making us care about the villain. In all honesty there could have been some cooler ways to have ended the movie in that regard. However, you GOT to make sure that when you do have your villain’s and heroes on stage either you make the dialogue interesting or you cut short the exposition like in incredibles to break the monotony OR you avoid any exposition altogether by just having them fight.

Even if you disagree with the film I loved that BvS did all the enemy exposition before the final fight between Batman and Superman. It was all dealt with previously and was quickly escalated into a brawl which is how those situations should be staged. What would have been hilarious would to have Captain Boomerang while speaking to the “final boss” and is talking just tell them to “Shut the Fuck up already and get on with it”. It would have fit under the 1 fuck rule for PG – 13 and would have been hilarious.

Overall then Suicide Squad is good. In fact it got a lot better on my 2nd viewing of the film which surprised me. I thought it might get worse however, it actually made more sense and some scenes got a lot better.

(Note: I’m thinking about seeing it in 3D simply because all of the awesome motion graphics and cool colored effects in the film potentially.)

Final Verdict?


For a flawed but fully fun and funny film.