“So coming from the United States of Donald Trump … Tomorrow after the election day all those who during the campaign were deemed as misfits unfit for civic life and essential to the state WILL be summarily rounded up and shot, or deported back to their home countries. All political enemies will be annihilated and all Muslims will be banned from this country FOREVER!”

From the way people have been on social media this above was what you might think people were seeing on the news over the last 24 hours.

It’s caused riots and multitudes of facebook posts deeming that were a “disgrace” and “half the country is misogynist, racist, ist anything!! AAAAHHRrealsjdfkasjdf!! # not my president”. It’s the END OF THE WORLD PEOPLE … the cubs won the world series, Donald Trump got elected president, and Miyazaki is coming out of retirement again. That and also we have wireless headphones … with wires.

The only problem is … it’s completely overbloated and I’d just like to clear the room and maybe give a little bit of insight into the issue and more importantly some “general” perspective to the matter that hopefully will just calm EVERYONE down so we can soberly access what the heck just happened.

1. Half the country … is NOT racist. OK

I’ll say it here and I’ll say it again. Hillary … was not a very strong candidate. (I mean common people she lost to a dude who ran the apprentice and whose orange hair and spray on tan could have made me look presidential). But worst of all she was a known factor going into this election and this was known for most of the country. The biggest tell though that race and other matters had little to do with this election was generally speaking that both candidates were generally speaking NOT liked. They had the highest dislike polls of any two presidential candidates I can remember going well over the 50 percent mark for both.

People have been displaying this win for Donald as a RESURGENCE or a victory. Actually it’s more like a Pyrrhic Victory. He barely won by the hair on his chiny chin chin people but because of the electoral college he virtually crushed Clinton by almost 50 points. That’s because a couple small victories led to a much LARGER victory overall.

Most people I know who were conservatives who voted for trump hated the man’s guts but they would not bring themselves to vote for Clinton. American’s as a rule hate tyrants and more importantly hate people who seem to be “above the law” and have too much power. Never mind the fact that Clinton was using her powerbase built up over the last 15 years by the Clinton foundation to essentially do both those things. I mean I can’t for the life of me think of a similar situation in history where a Man was elected president and then roughly about 20 years later … HIS WIFE gets elected. It goes against the grain of history and also the typical back and forth every 8 years of politics in the US.

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence for this as well such as the man denouncing Hillary at an Amy
Schumer concert. More importantly I think there was a lot in play and the guys here at this channel explain it pretty clearly (Colin specifically).

Video actually starts at about 6 minutes.

2. Trump himself isn’t a racist.
Now as for Donald Trump being racist. He does have support from racists which is true … but he himself is not so. He’s a populist through and through and operates on the maxim, ” an enemy of my enemy is a friend” so to speak at all costs. While I personally didn’t vote for the guy (I’m in California like my vote matters) I could see why people though across the country could put someone like this forward. Not to mention immigrant … and muslim is not a race people. If you think that all illegal immigrants come from mexico or all muslims come from the middle east I think you might want to look in the mirror.

As for Hillary she did have some shady connections and particularly had been taking Saudi money into the Clinton Foundation which is pretty odd considering that Saudi Arabia is vehemently anti-gay (they throw them off rooftops on occasion), anti-women (women have to be accompanied by a man if they want to go anywhere), and also vehemently anti-transgender which directly goes against what Clinton has been espousing. Similar to others this raised a ton of red flags when she’s accepting millions from these people how could that not be dissimilar to the same problems associate with Trump and racism.

3. The media (you done messed up AARON!!)
This election is going to go down in history as a turning point for media, news ingestion, and more importantly the veritable effect of large scale propaganda by the established media (tv, newspapers, large scale news sites) versus the people generated media or independent media sources.

I kid you not this is historic people and for more reason than one which is that contrary to popular opinion the media really showed it had a blind spot in this election and now that it’s bleeding out … everyone knows … and the sharks smell blood. People just don’t trust the media folks and with good reason I mean just check out these numbers.

And the same thing happened with the super hot leaks from veritas combined with other smaller internet videos showing violence from both sides negating the narrative that “trump is such and such”. But more importantly if you are a businessman it more or less confirms the fact that viewership of television IS falling and has been by 50% since 2000. More importantly this win is a YUGE slap in the face to a lot of people who feel they are just OUT of touch potentially with a lot of the country that voted the way it did.

The traditional bases are losing to less non-traditional sources like websites, reddit, image sharing, and facebook sharing. Instead of it being as it was once in the past a giant one way street the news market has turned into a veritable agora with different smells, directions, bents, and biases which I believe actually has strengthed viewership education as people are reading MULTIPLE sources versus just a few centralized places such as a newspaper or television show. Which leads me into probably my favorite aspect of this entire election.

4. Dank memes melt steel beams OR Harambe 2016 OR The great meme wars 2016

If there was one incredibly positive thing about the next 4 years people is that we’re gonna get the dankest memes that’s been this side of America since the creation of memehood and internets has happened. This past year could be summarized by this one meme.


As the internet has become the go to for information memes have become an incredible weapon in the war of politics unlike the world has EVER seen guys. And it’s only the beginning.

I first began the realize the power of memes after Harambe and how quickly that turned around. The Lion that was killed was turned into a messiah and that train didn’t end for a good number of months however with Harambe it was different. Not only did memes from the larger fanbase of trolls and people completely turn the Harambe narrative on it’s head … it turned it into a joke. Harambe now is like the calling card of anyone against political correctness.

Not to mention the lack of usage of TRULY predictable but non-scientific predictor. I found a few of these fascinating and sure enough trump won this year so the Halloween masks … are a pretty good bet.,29569,1856094,00.html

5. Political Correctness has reached it’s Teutoburg Forest.

This is one that’s a little more on the serious side of things and I gotta say it’s been brutal. For the last few years political correctness (buzzword I know) has sort of been coming to a pushing point until this year it came into a fully fledged fighting force known as “people having enough shit” so to speak.

Within the years of Obama people have seen elected officials use safe spaces, rape allegations, racism allegations, and general narrative allegations against numerous numbers of people and over maybe the last year or so I predicted that this push back my come in the form of something political. American’s HATE to be told what to do (or at least a very large portion of them do) so it comes as no surprise that when harsh speech codes are enforced, or calls for misogyny to end in all video games even though most of the people who buy and play games are men(Anita Sarkessian), or you get people who want women in Battlefield 1 (it’s WWI people come on) that some sort of push back wouldn’t come. There are a lot of cases like this such as the cake fiascoes about weddings going on around different states and then of course the lack of ability to actually talk about something like banning people coming from potential terrorist havens which quickly turned into “BAN ALL MUSLIMS” which it wasn’t. That and the “check your privilege” combined with the “appropriation” criers has caused a very large push back and a sort of call to arms amongst different internet groups of a sort of “common” enemy of the “SJW’s” or Social Justice Warriors.  Boy did one side clearly come out on top of all of this (hint … not the SJW’s).

When the Roman’s pushed too hard into Germany and past the Rhine they were betrayed and then eventually absolutely massacred by the German’s at the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest. Augustus Caesar would never have his Legions cross the Rhine into Germany during his lifetime or for that matter ever again. The Barbarians and the wilderness pushed back

In many ways this feels similar. For years people were putting up with codes, and codes, and laws and more laws and in many ways Hillary as a lawyer symbolized that and what Donald Trump symbolized was antithesis. Say anything and everything without control of your mouth so to speak. A person not beheld to any rules but their own. The world’s biggest F U to the United States government in every possible way.

One website like the one below is almost entirely dedicated for being able to spew off this stuff.

So what is going to happen now? Well most likely we’ll see rollback in a way or 2 before it pushes back again and people want to become decent again so to speak.

People think it’s going to get better? Please we just elected Trump. It’s gonna get a lot darker before we get to the dawn just saying.

Prognostication and Closing thoughts

Ok so now on a more serious note I’d just like to talk a bit about what we do. We’ll for starters not a whole lot can be done on either side. If you are for him most likely you’ll only get partials of what he promised and if you are against him you can’t really stop him.

But just know this that regardless it probably is not going to be as bad or as good as you think it’s gonna be. We tend to REALLY over-exaggerate things a lot and as a result we really couldn’t say much when someone as bad as Trump did come along. We can’t call Trump HITLER after you just called Romney, McCain, and Bush Hitler because they’re not even close. If you always cry wolf … eventually people just don’t care and in parts that’s partially what’s happened since the announcement he won. If you are sad that he won by all means please mourn. I know, I’ve been on the losing end of 2 elections where my man didn’t win and now 1 where I didn’t vote either (this one). It sucks because just like losing the superbowl you invest a lot of time and effort into it if you do care.

However, that doesn’t give you an excuse to riot or better yet even protest and especially protest against the things you’re protesting against (electoral college). To a lot of people it just makes you look like sore losers … (its churlish and insubordinate). For all terms and purposes people … HE IS your president just like Barrack was my President for 8 years even though I really didn’t have much love for the dude. Yet, at least the Tea Party waited till about maybe a year and a half or 2 years of his shenanigans and the passing of Obamacare before they decided that they were gonna try to do something major about it and in the end they weren’t violent at all really. Whereas these past few days I’ve kind of been wondering “Why?” because at the end of the day all you’re doing is feeding more into the problem and adding fuel to the fire.

If you are friends with people on either side of the debate PLEASE don’t unfriend them. Hear them out or better yet exchange ideas. Part of the major problem we are facing right now is that one half of the country doesn’t know what the other half is doing or what they care about and really fight for etc. But if we share ideas then it can go a long way towards that understanding and building RIGHT relationships that allow for civic minded living that works. Throughout this entire time I’ve enjoyed the cool civic and lively discussions among friends like Jonathan, David, Zach, Jon, Mike, and Jason and just being able to share all the wonderful discussions and also ideas. Keeping it cordial is hard guys but we at least gotta try and trust me it’s way better. To date I haven’t unfriended anyone yet (not sure about the other way though). For example, I tell friends about books they can read if they’d like to get my viewpoints on stuff a little better like “Conflict of Visions” by Thomas Sowell (great book btw) and vice versa.

Lastly, but not least, there is a reason on a deep level why we’ve got Trump that I haven’t discussed yet and that is because it’s the most important reason. Ultimately, when the dust settles the main idea around Trump winning is our country and it’s loss of objective morals. See 10 – 20 and even 5 years ago Trump would NEVER have won, not in a long shot. This election was sort of like the perfect storm that was brewing for years only to give birth something far worse and a projection for either the wonderful good or the terrible things to come.

See, when you tell a country that there are no objective truths and that “everyone must work out for themselves is true” and our general standards of virtue are pushed and pulled eventually we find no reason to band together to strike down EITHER candidate who had major flaws in both departments. Calling someone greedy makes no difference. Hearing a guy talk in a lewd manner about women makes no difference and might even win popularity. When there is no central objective moral value all that’s left is opinions and who can voice them the strongest. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Unless we return to some level of objective moral values (preferably Biblical based) this country won’t last much longer. A country can only bleed so long before it faints and thusly dies.

In Hillary’s case it was selfishness, greed, and more importantly her Machiavellian attitude towards the entire process that did her in. For trump it was his pride, sexual gratuity, and lack of self-control that nearly did him in as well. Still, at the end of the day we have to ask ourselves how did we really only get to pick these two? IF you are looking for a culprit people, the buck won’t stop very far. Indeed after searching everywhere else you’ll finally realize this simple truth … you need only look in the mirror. We elected this guy … not some other group of people in Kazakhstan or Taiwan. Americans did … and that’s something we have to bear.

And here’s for a hilarious video so you can leave on a light note.

Enjoy …


Cost of Veteranship

So just thought I’d write something as far as veterans day goes and you guys can tell me your thoughts on them in the comments below.

My thoughts on veterans day …

Well a the military kinds of runs in our families blood so to speak … especially on my fathers side. For many people in the US the military touches at least our immediate, extended, or non-biological family so to speak. There are countless times when I’ve been getting to know someone and then all of a sudden, “ohh hey jeff there … yeah he used to be in the army/navy/coastguard”.

My great grandfather on my dad’s side was in the navy I believe. His son in law (my grandfather married to my grandmother) eventually joined the airforce and was in it for pretty much most of his adult life too.


grandpa Anderson


my grandpa Anderson again


my grandpa Wassell


a quite burly beard … this was when he served in Antarctica

Then there was my dad, he ended up joining the coastguard. When I was growing up I’m almost certain that he wanted me to be a fighter pilot because we’d constantly watch shows about history, warfare, but most importantly watch shows about planes. There was a show on discover channel that my grandpa (mom’s side) had recorded called “wings” and it was essentially several hours worth of different planes and the wars they were in.



my dad


he was a Skorsky mechanic



more cool shots

One was “Wings: Over the gulf” another “Wings over the Luftwaffe” and of course just regular wings which focused on different airplanes. Needless to say I KNEW about planes growing up.

Most of them never were in any real combat though except for my grandpa Vince (mom’s side).


He was a paratrooper and was in Bastogne and the Ardenne during the battle of the bulge. Needless to say … it was bad and many of the things that happened to him he kept with him for a long time. Combat had changed him dramatically in some ways. He didn’t open up about his experiences to our family until he was in his 60’s or 70’s which was incredible. Looking back you’d probably be able to say he had most likely Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD midly.

So needless to say military is in my family (as are many other American families due to WWII).

But it took me a long time to understand potentially the cost of something like that and I didn’t realize it till much later. So let me tell you about a friend of ours who was quite the soldier. He shall remain unnamed for specific reasons but I’ll tell you a little about him because he’s part of this whole story. For this story lets just call him Jeff. At westpoint jeff was one of the top of his class and a real great soldier. After he got out he was put in command of a lot of guys was deployed overseas and saw a good deal of combat. Then he happened to become friends with my father and so I’d see Jeff occasionally whenever we’d meet up. Probably one of the most affable, nicest, warm-hearted dudes I’ve ever met in my life and he seemed like every moment he was living he lived like it was his last day on earth. He exuded joy.

So on one occasion we got together for a men’s night with My dad, Me, Jeff, another relative, and my brother and we decided to watch a war film. It was the move, “The Great Raid”, about the raid to free American POW’s at Cabanatuan in the Philippines. Looking back now it probably was not a smart decision to watch this film and yet also a valuable lesson was learned. I’d seen it before and I enjoyed the film of course but while we were watching and near the credits I managed to peak over a look at Jeff and realized something, he was crying. Not just softly crying, but sobbing and as the credits rolled he started to mumble a little bit. He quickly recovered of course but here I was young Brogan and I’d never seen a man cry before like that. But not just any man but probably one of the manliest men that I’ve ever had the honor of meeting.

In that moment I realized just how deep his wounds had gone, just how injured he was, and what cost he’d given up. While his body was there the war had taken it’s toll on his soul. Most of us always think of the physical sacrifice and the courage and the freedoms sacrificed by our veterans to protect us but like Shia Labouf in Fury when our soldiers say, “here am I send me” it means more than just flesh and blood … it means sacrificing deeply a part of the soul, a part of themselves.

Don’t forget that this veterans day and remember the sacrifice that they’ve given. It’s easy to look at the casualties of war and look at the numbers … but when you go to Arlington or Fort Bonifacio and you see the headstones and think of them as people the sacrifice becomes realized.

Lets live on in the name of their sacrifice, lets live on in the name of what our veterans have sacrificed.